Your Thoughts Control Your Life!



Your thought-life will make ALL the difference in the world in what you produce. This book helps you to identify the thoughts that are good and bad for your future, identify the sources of negative thoughts, steps to deal with the internal and external negative thoughts and how not to have the wrong thoughts dictate your future any more. This book is said to be an easy-read, that is very practical for all levels of readers. If you are interested in changing your future by controlling your thoughts, get this book today!


5-star rating system, five being the best...



5-star "Easy read on a tough subject, very insightful"

By RIck JD Hahn March 18, 2015


This book is refreshing. Many books are written with the best of intentions. But all to often the need for the writer to be affirmed in their authoring skills and knowledge of the subject creates an intellectually superior book the masses will never read. This is because we are facing a generation of non-readers. I have read some great literature on similar subjects but do you think I can get anyone else to read the same literature, NO! This book is unique because it is simply written with, seemingly, no regard or concern for how it will be peer reviewed. It is deceptively easy to read, yet it contains a powerful subject written in as few words as possible. When the great religious commentaries of our time are collecting dust, one christian will be be blessing another with this same type of book. Why, because it is an easy read for a non reader. Write a dozen more just like it on other subjects we need them.



5-star "A MUST READ!"

By LM on July 10, 2012


"Take No Thought" is a must read for those that are beginning in their faith walk as well as those that are more seasoned believers. It is a real blessing to the body of Christ. Great, easy read!!!




5-star "Worth your time!"

By Karen on March 5, 2012


This book was not only practical, but an easy read, with thought-provoking but simple activities for devotion and getting your thought life right, when coupled with the workbook. I will definitely read it again, and reuse the workbook when I need to re-exercise Take No Thought! Thanks Rhodonna!!!



5-star "Awesome!"

By Sharon Bailey on July 20, 2011

Format: Paperback

It is extremely hard to have faith in God when you are going through terrible times.When you find a jewel like this book it helps to realize what you have always known, that he will never leave you. During the time that I first read Take No Thought, I had lost my job and my mother was in a coma. This book helped me to realize the POWER that God has and if he said it, then there is no need to worry. Even with me losing my job God found a way to help me to pay my rent and take care of my children. He also brought my mother out of that coma. I could have easily gave up and lost my faith but this book helped me to remember to Take No Thought! Bravo to Rhodonna Boyd for spreading the awesome power of God.



5-star "This is a must read powerhouse."

By MrCarl6808 on July 13, 2011


I've had the pleasure of reading this wonderful book Take No Thought, Don't take It!, written by Rhodonna Boyd. I have to say as a Christian this is a must read. I found it not just to be informative, but practical. The priciples that Ms.Boyd uses are direct, and straight to the point. She shares with reader her own testimony which makes you feel that you are not in this journey alone. Everyone of us (saved and unsaved) struggle with negative thinking that keeps us bondage, this book helps guide you through to victory, destroying yokes forever. Even though it is 62 page read, this book packs a powerhouse punch. I recommend this to anyone trying to break out of negative thoughts to freedom.




5-star "Changed"

By C & W Perezon July 11, 2011


This book is a basic guide to everyday renewing of the mind. I will always refer back to this book as much as possible. This is the foundation of Christlike thinking. The author really simplified how to rid negative thoughts. I'm certain this book will change your thought process entirely.



4-star "Very Inspiring and Motivational Read!"

By Apostle DAE July 5, 2011


Inspiring and refreshing read that gives very foundational truths needed by Christians to live victoriously through faith and conquer worry and doubt. Minister Boyd shares many kingdom keys that she has applied and learned throughout the years of her life and ministry. I enjoyed personal accounts how the princples taught were applied in her own personal life with success. This book is for new believers, seasoned saints, and ANYONE looking to renew their mind with positive and faith-filled believing.




5-star "Life Changing!"

By G. Miller July 2, 2011


This this book is an awesome gift to the body of Christ! See God's Word manifest in your life! If you desire to move from hearing, to doing the Word of God, this book is for you. The writing is clear and easily digestible. This book is a great gift idea because of it's very practical approach to applying spiritual principles in a way that is not overwhelming or intimidating. ANYONE can do this!! God is no respecter of persons! I am thankful to the author for her transparency and obvious zeal for the Word and God's people. May God continue to use you in a mighty way!





By Jackiluv June 30, 2011


This book is fresh, encouraging, inspiring, and anointed. The author in this book presents the theme in a way the is uplifting and relatable. If you have ever struggled in you faith because you could not break free from the failures of the past, this book is for you. It addresses the need to conquer that old thought process and believe that your faith is working. Read this book and you will be lifted out of discouragement and elevated to a new way of thinking. You will indeed be blessed.